Lijkschouwer – This Clamour Serpentine



Follow up EP to their Lamentations of Cosmic Absurdity debut by Lijkschouwer

Lijkschouwer are are from the ever creative and almost hyperactive punk/sludge/metal scene in the harbor city of Rotterdam.

Lijkschouwer brings us a deadly combo of black-sludge-death-doom metal that is sure to shake the very foundations of your psyche.

Dark, oppressive and gnarly.
Prepare to be drawn into the haunting melodies and dark depths of Rotterdam’s own, Lijkschouwer.
Emerging from the shadows with their latest EP, “This Clamour Serpentine,” this black metal force infuses sinister atmospheres with bone-chilling doom influences, crafting an auditory journey into the abyss. Lijkschouwer has released an impressive E.P.
“This Clamour Serpentine” showcases a deft blending of thundering harshness and bleak melody.
This quarter hour of misanthropic clamour was recorded, mixed and mastered by the @riffmerchant himself, the one and only JB van der Wal.
Tape comes with a velllum printed strip, wax sealed.
Weight 65 g