Barús – Fanges / Drowned tape bundle


Bundle of both the Barús tapes. Fanges, and Drowned.


“Fanges” is a two part EP, written and recorded in 2020 and 2021.

The first track explores a colder and more experimental side of the band’s music, featuring a slow development driven by murky guitar tones strewn with layered noise and sound design. It was written collectively with ouside artists Anthony Barruel and Sarah Onave.
The second track draws from the same core concept, but takes an opposite approach, focusing on the raw visceral energy of a live-captured performance to unveil a more urgent and riff-centric track.


Brooding, menacing, suffocatingly sirenic meditations on the futility of existence, finely planted in the fertile ground between death and doom. Wavering and uncertain, what we see is not what is, yet our vision becomes reality. Dream carefully.

Make no mistake about it, this album is going to be held up as a true underground classic in the years to come, so you might as well jump on the wagon right now, just so you can say “I was into these guys before they became cool! – No Clean Singing

Weight 132 g